Luke and Ruby Dancing


Blues Essentials Kit: This material is a great foundation for anyone looking to build or improve their dance. It takes a look at blues from first principles so that we can create the dance from a consistent framework.

Rather than long classes, topics will be broken into roughly 30 minute segments that will be as follows:


                  • Rhythms and Solo Movement
                  • Connection and Rhythms
                  • Close Embrace Traveling
                  • Lunch
                  • Close Embrace II: This time it’s personal (?)
                  • Moves and Turns
                  • Song Endings, Dips and Punctuations
                  • Day One Wrap-Up and Assimilation
                  • Between each segment there will be 10 minute practice sessions so students can work on the material at their own pace, get water and etc…


Luke and Ruby Dancing

Fuse The Blues: This is where we take what we learned and really get to play with it. We’ll be moving from traditional blues and starting to pick up other elements wecan use to really make our dance our own. We will also cover material from a conceptual basis to help assimilate the technique from the day before:

Assessment: we’re going to use the first half hour of the day assessing your skills, answering questions and getting everyone on the same page. Then we’ll select the best material from the following classes. We have more material than we can fit into four hours, but we want to know what you’re excited about working on.

Luke Weismann and Ruby Red

Class I: Navel Gazing and the Way of the Lazy Follow
Empty your mind and become one with the core of your partner’s being. Learn to dance as your partner and the music ask, floating along a stream of music and with no more energy than is required. Above all, don’t fight the current.

Class II: Turn Technique
How do you differentiate between spins on the spot, traveling turns, and partnered rotation? We’ll unlock the secrets of variations in prep steps, body alignments, internal torque and more, to help you spin and turn with grace and ease.

Class III: Lego Your Preconceptions
Have you ever seen a workshop class schedule and wondered what it would be like to learn 125 moves in one hour without being overwhelmed? Are you wondering now? Come to our class and find out!

Class IV: Quintessential Alchemical Dance
Quintessence literally means the “the fifth element.” This is our philosopher’s stone as dancers. Legend holds that the fifth element could be found with the right combinations of the other four and help lead man to an elightened era. To find it we will explore the other four elements and use our selves as catalysts to achieve a higher level of dance.