Instructor Bios

Instructor Bios

Lucas Weismann

Megan McDonald and Me

Luke started dancing in 1996, & hasn’t been more than 100 yards from his dance shoes since! There are three things that define Luke’s approach to teaching:

  1. Creativity can be taught most easily in three steps – Imitate, Assimilate, Create.
  2. As a dancer, your main goal is to have the person you’re dancing with now want to dance with you again in the future.
  3. Everything physical that you have ever done, even the way that you walk informs how you dance and has prepared you for your next class.

Luke uses his student’s past experience to explain class concepts so we can learn material quickly and fun.  “As a Dancer, my goal is to make the person I’m dancing with want to dance with me again and again.”


Laura Stahl

Mail AttachmentLaura has been fascinated by music and dance since she was a small child. Starting at only four years old she moved through ballet, ballroom, latin and capoeira. A few years ago she learned to love swing, and tango argentino came soon after. But none of these dances can compare with the way blues gripped her from her first night on the dance floor.

She was immediately inspired: by the multifaceted music, by the freedom, and – as a connection junkie at heart – by the melting connection between lead and follow. Laura is an empathic presence in dance classes.

She cares about her students and gives them a great balance between freedom and technique. Her greatest talent and joy as a teacher is personal feedback: she loves working with students individually during class, honing in on the details that allow them to make lasting improvements.