Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Popular Blues teachers from Boston, MA, Shawn Hershey and Amanda Gruhl are coming to Denver with a unique line of classes for a 2 day workshop just for you!

In true Morning After Workshop tradition, there will be fundamentals classes, along with out-of-the-box-can’t-find-anywhere-else fun classes! And of course, the laid-back, awesome community vibe.

Currently you can register for BOTH this workshop and the September Workshop with Heriberto Perez for the super low price of $149 for BOTH weekends at


Weekend passes include the Friday night dance, Saturday workshops, Saturday night dance, Sunday workshops and Sunday night dance/house party.



Blues Fundamentals

If you’ve never taken blues before, if you want a refresher before the big weekend starts, or if you want to see how we teach the fundamentals then come take this class! We’ll cover the basics of pulse, connection, traveling, and blues aesthetic.

Blues Clinic

Our Blues Clinic is a great chance for some personalized instruction! Students dance with us and get individual feedback on their dancing. We’ll play music continuously in the background, and students are encouraged to social dance and work on their own dancing while not working with us.


Dancing With Myself

Before you can dance with another person, you have to be able to dance by yourself! We’ll focus on giving you the body control essential to partnered blues dancing by really digging into the basics of movement.

Far and Near

Having a wonderful close embrace is one of the essentials for a great blues dancer. We’ll work on making your partnered steps look and feel amazing, and give you tips on traveling the floor with power and grace.

Mo’ Mentum

Put some kick in your blues! In this class, we’ll teach complex moves with lots of momentum, and use them to show you how to maximize stretch and redirect energy. Caution: use of momentum can be addictive!

Spotlight Blues

Learn how to make the most of your time when you’re the center of attention, whether it’s competing or performing. We’ll teach you some flashy moves we use in competitions and show you how and when to use them. We’ll also have a short discussion where you can ask us questions, and we’ll give you our best tips on being great performers.




Break the Mold

The best things are often unexpected! We’ll cover how to lead basic weight shifts and footwork patterns, then use them as a basis for leading and following more unpredictable rhythms and level changes. We’ll also show you how to break the rules and play with being off balance to create beautifully musical suspensions and releases.


Waves and Circles

Learn to warp space-time with your hips! Ever wondered how to actually lead and follow those crazy hip and chest movements and make them look and feel nice? We’ll teach you how to move your body with solo work and isolation, then show you how to apply them to your lead/follow. We’ll throw in movements with varying difficulty, to make sure everyone gets something challenging.

Spanish Tinge

In the early 1900s, blues, jazz, and tango were all popular music forms and were mixed together by great musicians. Similarly, many tango moves are now commonly mixed into ballroomin’ blues dance. We’ll teach you some sweet techniques, moves, and sequences that we find both challenging and cool!

All That Jazz

The complexity of jazz music gives us dancers a lot to play with. In this class, we’ll delve into the some interesting and complicated aspects of jazz music that make it so rich, and how we can use those aspects to make our dancing richer, more musical, and more interesting.

If you’ve seen them teach at Mile High Blues you know how awesome they are, and you might have seen some of these classes before. However, they are constantly tweaking and revising their classes, and so even classes that are familiar will have new material. Also, all basic classes will be good for advanced dancers too.

Register now at!

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