January 17-19 – Morning After Workshop: Smörgåsbord Edition (DENVER)

January 17-19 – Morning After Workshop: Smörgåsbord Edition (DENVER)

It’s time for another Morning After Workshop. I know it seems we slept in (since we didn’t have one in 2013). But here’s why!

We’re having our first multi-track multi-instructor workshop. That’s right: It’s the Smrgsbord edition!  We have FANTASTIC instructors for you!  Who, you ask?
How about:

  • Ruby Red (Chicago, IL)
  • Mark Carpenter (Parts Unknown)
  • Nicole Trissell (San Francisco, CA)
  • Emiliano Estevez (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Lucas Weismann (Denver, CO)
  • Sara “Red” LaBonte (NYC)
  • Ted Maddry (San Francisco, CA)
  • Andrew Sutton (the World)
  • Andrew Smith

Following on the heels of the famous Denver Fusion Exchange, Awesometarian has decided to throw a big bash. What’s that you say? How big?

How about a two-track workshop featuring out of town instructors?

How about newly-developed material never seen before?

Here’s the deal. The week before this Morning After Workshop occurs, we’ll be throwing a teacher’s retreat in Denver. During this time, about 25 instructors high on the awesome of the Fusion Exchange will come together to produce new material that has never before been seen.  Some of them will be teaching with the featured instructors (that means you’ll get a partner combination you can’t find anywhere else!), Others will be DJs, Volunteers and Ringers in class.  Already our dance level is higher than you normally expect at the event, but the people there are dedicated to making the dance fun and helping YOU learn as much as possible.

Here’s a comparison of what was special in past workshops, compared with this one.

  1. Coordinating with local events:  Swing & Blues @ Old Town Yoga and the Dancing Root will be offering free admission to workshop attendees.
  2. Great instructors – We still have great instructors.  Just more of them and as we all know due to the Additive property of awesome [Good + More = Better!]
  3. Creative content – we will have creative content, but we’re building it based on what instructors see in the week they share in Denver with us between Denver Fusion Exchange and the Morning After Workshop.
  4. Brunch –  There is NO WAY we would skip this!
  5. Secret-underground-last-minute-jack-and-jill Competition – well… if I admitted it now, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?
  6. one-track of classes – we now have two tracks of classes, but the material will be cohesive and built to work together in a way that just ISN’T feasible at events where the teachers aren’t working together in the city for a week beforehand.
    1. What events are those?  – None to my knowledge!  I have not heard of an event where the teachers come together to work BEFORE the event, IN the city OF the event and build material FOR the people of that city.
    2. This is part of what will be REALLY special this year.
  7. Two weekends – one weekend, with a full week of class preparation and teacher training between (if you are interested…)
  8. A great venue at Overstreet Dance Gallery – We still have that!
  9. Evening Dances – Of COURSE, where would we have the SULMJJC (*if* we were to have them *ahem*)
  10. Live Music in Classes – (There is a rumor of a class or two like this…)
  11. DJ Big Mama – Yes, Yes, a THOUSAND times, Yes.  There is just the slimmest of possibilities that some of our headlining instructors are well-known for DJing at events and *might* be prevailed upon to do a set or two…