Scholarships and Free Passes!

Scholarships and Free Passes!

Scholarships General Info:

This is a boutique event, which means we don’t have a TON of space for scholarships.  However, as always it is our policy to make scholarship passes available to people who want to come.  For that reason we’ve included a donation option to help defray the costs of attending for dancers who can’t afford to do so.
The passes are on an first-come-first-served basis and are given out on the honor-system.  So, even if you’re rolling in it, you will be able to get the tickets.  It just means that someone else won’t be able to.
Want to help someone come to Hamlet and work on their Fusion?  Here’s How:
Go to our registration page and select the Scholarship donation option and then enter an amount.  For every 800 SEK (about 80 euros) donated, we will create two (2) scholarship passes for dancers who need the help!
Get Your Free Pass!
Step 1:  Order Your Pass and Register
Step 2: Contact us for your Promo code (your name or requested promo code)
Step 3: Get 5 or more of your friends to use your promo code
If you have 5 or more people who’ve paid by using your promo code by the time the event starts, your pass will be refunded at the end of the event.

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