Hamlet Fusion June 2014 – Home

Hamlet Fusion June 2014 – Home

Our June Hamlet Fusion Weekend is a small-group boutique event in Helsingborg, Sweden, featuring Luke Weismann and Lessa Lamb.  Our venue is Salongen, a dancehall and worker’s meeting place from the 1800s in Helsingborg, Sweden, only 1 hour outside of Copenhagen, Denmark!

When asked what she wanted to teach that we didn’t have the opportunity to teach at other events, Lessa declared that going deep into the principles of what makes fusion work was paramount on the list.

With that as our focus we currently have one-track of classes Featuring Lucas Weismann and Lessa Lamb.

Posture, Form, Shape, Line and Musical Expression will feature heavily in the curriculum.  In effect, we will attempt to give you the tools that Lessa and Luke use to make dance look the way it does.

There will be elements from Tango, Blues, Lindy Hop, Ballet, Modern, Wrestling, Yoga integrated into the classes in such a way as to illustrate the principles under the dance styles.

This way, students will have a toolkit for building their own dance, not just a list of new moves.

The focus of the weekend will be community-driven classes and small groups!  That means that as long as we have enough people to teach, we will keep opening tracks.  That means that other than the first class of each day, we will not have more than 10 couples per class (if students divide themselves evenly between classes)

We have up to 6 rooms that we can expand into, so there is little chance of running out of space!

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