The Blues Dance Project

The Blues Dance Project

The Blues Dance project is a 3-month series of weekend workshops followed by weekly 2-hour dance classes in multiple cities run concurrently designed to help students retain the maximum amount of information in the minimum amount of time.  On a scene-wide level, it affords dancers and organizers a few options:

  1. Follow up on material right after the workshop, so students don’t forget what they’ve learned
  2. Regular instruction from an international instructor provides consistency and quality in the teaching philosophy used.
  3. Each weekend workshop will have a different teaching partner so that we can provide variety and fresh eyes to the dancers in the scenes.
  4. A weekly focus on famous and influential Blues musicians, with each week having a “Featured Artist” whose music and covers of their music will be used in class.
  5. The same class running concurrently so that students who miss a class or need to work more on a concept can do so in the next town.
  6. Each town will host a weekend workshop so that students from each city will be able to work together in small “regional” exchange formats and get to know the people who are near them, but not from the same town.
  7. Because costs of the instructor’s stay are split between three cities, there is less financial pressure on organizers and they can hire international instructors for scenes that would normally be too small to do so!
  8. The instructor will travel to other events on weekends where local workshops are not occurring and will promote that scene as a place to come dance.  This will help each city to be better known for traveling dancers that it would have otherwise been!

Do you want to bring a Blues Dance Project to your area?  Contact us using the form below and we’ll find a time that works for you!

Currently in Fall 2013, we are testing this format in Malmö, Helsingborg and Copenhagen.  Get your city to be next on the list!

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