Schedule, Booklet and Maps

Schedule, Booklet and Maps

The Schedule

Activity Day Time Address
Kofferfabrik Preparty Thursday 19:00 – 23:30 Kofferfabrik, Lange Straße 81, Fürth
Nuremberg City Tour Friday 15:00 – 16:30 Lorenz Kirche, Nuremberg – meeting point
Welcome Party (Studio Chakra) Friday 21:00 – 02:00 Kaiserstraße 177, 90763 Fürth
Workshop 1 – Int/Adv        Saturday 10:30 – 13:50 Familienzentrum,Bismarckstraße 19, Erlangen
Yoga – Beg/Int + Party Pass Saturday 12:30 – 13:30 Familienzentrum – Ground floor
Lunch Saturday 14:00 – 14:50 Familienzentrum – First floor
Workshop 1 – Beg/Int Saturday 14:50 – 18:10 Familienzentrum – First floor
Massage – Int/Adv + Party Pass Saturday 15:15 – 16:15 Familienzentrum – Ground floor
Winter Wonderful Party Saturday 20:00 – 03:00 KHG Pacelli Haus, Sieboldstraße 3, Erlangen
Workshop 2  – Beg/Int    Sunday 11:00 – 13:10 Kulturzentrum Logenhaus, Universitätsstraße 25, Erlangen
Yoga – Int/Adv + Party Pass Sunday 12:00 – 13:00 Familienzentrum – Ground floor
Lunch Sunday 13:10 – 14:00 Familienzentrum – First floor
Workshop 2 –  Beg/Int    Sunday 14:00 – 15:00 Familienzentrum – First floor
Massage – Beg/Int + Party Pass Sunday 15:20 – 16:20 Familienzentrum – Ground floor
Workshop 2 –  Int/Adv Sunday 14:00 – 17:15 Kulturzentrum Logenhaus
Farewell Party Sunday 18:00 – 22:00 Familienzentrum – First floor

The Booklet and Maps

This map shows you all important places for Winter Wonderland Blues including venues, parties, Christmas markets and recommended restaurants. You can access it via this map link.
Please note that you can switch off and on certain categories that we made for the map like event venues or restaurants.

All the other information you need can be found by clicking the booklet link.

Tips and Tricks for the Weekend

There are many things you can do during this weekend apart from dancing at the workshop. Check out our recommendations:

Bike Rental

Cycling is the best and quickest way to get around in Erlangen (yes, you can walk, but cycling is better).
We have talked with the local bike rental at ‘Fahrradkiste’ (Henkestraße 59, Erlangen) and you can now rent a bike for 20€ for 2 days and this includes the pick up at the Familienzentrum (Bismarckstr. 19, Erlangen) and you can just leave the bike there on Sunday for the party and it will be picked up for you the next day.
You can find more info on this at their website: They are also marked on the map above.

One note: Your credit card will be charged with a deposit of 200€ for the bike which will only be charged if something happens to the bike.
Please be aware that it is illegal in Germany to drive a bike with more than 1.6°/°° alcohol in your system (that is 2-3 Glühwein), please keep this in mind if you plan to cycle.

Christmas Markets

All of the cities where we have our venues have Christmas Markets. We highly recommend trying Langos and Feuerzangenbowle (which is like mulled wine but better) and our local wurst – Nürnbergers (drei in Weckla – three small sausages in a bread roll).

In the Historisches Weihnachtsmarkt in Erlangen you can also ask for a Feuerzangenbowle loyalty card (as you get one free Feuerzangenbowle for every 10 drinks and you can combine cards). Also if you would like a souvenir and a mug for Saturday evening, don’t return the Feuerzangenbowle mug (you’ll pay extra for the mug on the purchase of the drink which is optional to claim back).

At the main Erlangen Christmas market is a ice skating rink, where you can also rent ice skates, so why not try it out? It opens from 2pm each day (going early is recommended)

A WORD OF WARNING!!! Christmas also attracts pickpockets, so minimze the stuff you are taking when you are visiting.

Supermarkets and Shops

Germany is quite particular about the opening hours of their supermarkets and shops. All supermarkets and shops will be closed latest at 8PM on Saturday and everything is closed on Sunday (except for Christmas markets and restaurants; bakeries are only open on Sunday until noon). Locations of supermarkets are marked on the map.

City Tour of Nuremberg

As you have probably read in the booklet there is a city tour of Nuremberg on Friday at 3PM till 4:30PM. The meeting point is infront of the Lorenzkirche in Nuremberg at the fountain. If possible let Anke, who guides the tour know that you are coming (her phone number is in the booklet). Take this chance to see this wonderful medieval city and learn more about it.

Yoga and Massage Classes

As already mentioned in the booklet everyone who has registered for a workshop or party pass is very welcome to join our Yoga and Massage classes. They happen at the Familienzentrum. Please check the schedule or booklet for the times. The yoga classes are taught by Eva, a certified Yoga teacher, and the massage classes by Andreas, who is a experienced massage practitioner. If you are able to bring a yoga mat it would be amazing, but also have lots to lend to you.

Winter Wonderland Headquarters

At the Familienzentrum (Bismarckstr. 19, Erlangen) is our event’s headquarters with hot chocolate, tea, coffee and some cookies (all for free thanks to Beck’s Cocoa). You can meet up with people to chill out, get ready for some Christmas adventures or play some board games.

2-for-1 vouchers

To get the best value out of your experience and money we got a bunch of 2-for-1 vouchers for many restaurants, breakfast places and some bars. The applicable places are marked on the map. So grab a dancer and ask them to join you for a dinner or lunch at one of these places.
If you want one of the vouchers, just come to the HQ and put 2€ in the bowl (the vouchers are worth between 8€ and 12€)


Erlangen has a few museums if the weather is bad and you don’t know what to do.
– The Stadtmuseum displays exhibits on the city’s history, art and crafts.
– The Siemens Med Museum is small, but very modern and free, but only open till saturday 5PM. You will be through in an hour but it is worth it and only 200m from the workshop venue.
– The Art museum currently still has an exibition about mythology, gods, love and heroes.

All museums are marked on the map.

Botanical Gardens

We have a beautiful botanical garden in Erlangen. It may not be big but it is really nice for a walk. As it is winter I especially want to point you to the green houses that are a nice contrast to the cold outside. The botanical gardens are open only from 9:30AM till 3:30PM every day. They are marked on the map and their website is

Next to the botanical gardens are the castle gardens, which are really nice for a stroll through the park although they don’t show their beauty so much in the winter seasion.