What is Morning After Workshop?

What is Morning After Workshop?

Last year, Luke and Karen were working with dance organizer extraordinaire Caryn Carrasco at cmDance and helping to run their monthly Hot Night Fusion Dance.  While brainstorming possible blues instructors for this event he was silly enough to mention that he’d like to host his own weekend workshop.

Caryn suggested that he set up a Saturday, Sunday workshop with whichever instructors they brought in for Hot Night.

Unable to think of a suitable name, he started referring to them as “our worshops the morning after Hot Night,” this was eventually shortened to “Morning After Workshops.”

This sounded like a good opportunity to Luke, so he did what any rational person would do.  He posted a question on Facebook asking who people most wanted to teach a weekend in Denver.

There was a huge response and that helped us pick out the lineup for our fall series of

Morning After Workshops.

2011 Lineup 

September – Heriberto Perez and Karen Gilmore

November – Chris Mayer and Campbell Miller


2012 Lineup

September – Heriberto Perez and Jamie Goode

November – Shawn Hershey and Amanda Gruhl

So how do you guys choose the instructors?

Great question!  Morning After Workshop instructors so far have some things in common:

  • Some experience with Blues Dancing (Not necessary)
  • Experience with dances that are not Blues.
  • Generally Approachable and Friendly
  • Teach to all levels of dancers
  • Karen and I have seen them teach at an event, taken one of their classes and/or had a private lesson with them.
  • Have enough class material to teach a whole weekend
  • Someone who will have brunch with us and attendees before classes (food is important and delicious)

The most important thing that any instructor needs to have is a dance philosophy that we find intriguing.  This doesn’t mean we have to agree with them.  We feel it’s important to bring people to teach who think about dance in interesting ways.  They could come from any area of dance, so long as they have something to say that is uniquely them.

What isn’t necessary:

  • Winning or competing in contests
  • Being elitist
  • Constantly wearing an expression like someone just cut one.
  • Posting flame-y things about dance on the internet to show off.

The reason we don’t care about the second list of qualities has to do with the mission of Morning After Workshop- To to build a stronger local and regional community by bringing people together in one place who might not normally mix in a multi-track workshop – all while learning cool dance ideas.

Morning After Workshop is a great time and a good way get better while meeting other fun dancers in your community.


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