The Weismann strikes back! – A Fusion Workshop

The Weismann strikes back! – A Fusion Workshop

Join international dancer | instructor | organizer Lucas Weismann in exploring and fusing your partner dance. This workshop will allow you to delve into connection and musicality through various dance & martial arts styles.

Whether you’re starting out or well seasoned let’s unlock your creativity on and off the dance floor.

Coming up in the month of May Lucas will be returning to Vancouver, Canada to teach the foundational steps it takes to bring your dance to another level. This workshop will be joined by Jerry “Hamburgers” Young and will be based on areas of Blues, Lindy, Tango, Hip Hop, Funk and Contemporary dance to bring them together into what it takes to create cohesive Fusion.


Weekend workshop – May 27 & 28

                                       Location to be determined

Solo, Partnered, and small group privates – by appointment

                                       Location to be determined 



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Class Schedule

Day One

Fusion – Part 1: Fundamentals: Part of what we seek in fusion is the ability to dance with anyone, anywhere to any music. This class will start you down that road.
Fusion – Part 2: Navel Gazing and the Way of the Lazy Follow: Empty your mind and become one with the core of your partner’s being. Learn to dance gracefully, floating along a stream of music and energy. Above all, don’t fight the current.
Lego Your Preconceptions: Moves class! We’re going to take the phrases (moves) we’ve learned in other past classes, break them down into words and recombine them to make our own! If this was French class, it would be where we go from scripted conversations (Ou est la bibliotheque?) and move to basic conversation.
Preps and Steps: If legos was conversation 101, this is your 202 class. From here, we’re going to examine what endings of moves lead naturally to what next moves. Our goal here is to take our conversations and add shades of meaning and context.


Day Two 


Dancing Like You but Better: This is a major goal of fusion for many dancers. We don’t strive to dance like someone else. There is no *correct* way to dance. There are choices- some more and some less effective. In this class we’ll look at some of the choices you’re making in your dancing and take more control over when and why you make those choices.
Level up Your Following, Refining Your Leading: From strict leading and following to role-less dance there are many levels. We play with them and use them in our dance to communicate different aspects of our partnerships. In this class, we’re going to allow you to play with some of these different levels and show some of what can happen when we add this dimension to our dance.
Jam Culture 2.0 – with Jerry Hamburgers From lindy hop to hip hop, many styles of dance use jam circles in their community as a show and tell, a competition or even a way to give thanks and show respect. In this class, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the jam circle.
Unlocking y(our) dance: All of the previous classes will be working to give you the tools you need to effectively dance your dance. For our final class, we’ll be taking these bits of dance code and building our own interpretation of the songs provided. We’ll use the tools we’ve gained to express the music beyond the examples in class. Special focus will be provided to building cooperatively with your partner and finding a joint vision for the song.

Social nights

While in town Lucas will also be teaching at Vancouver’s hot Blues and Fusion nights where he will shimmy over the basics and provide some groove to go along with it:
Friday May 26th – Bearcat Blues to be determined

Sunday May 28 – Coalescence Fusion Dance


Private Instruction and Small Group Privates

Whether you work weekends, have a tight budget or want a learning experience customized for you, private lessons can be a great option.  We have several options available starting at $20 per person for groups of 4 or more.

Suggested topics could include:

424463_10150674606543694_1111764664_nConnection in Open, Closed or Embrace
Luke’s Dance Lego system for how to identify and make up your own moves
How to give more space to your partner
Lifts, Dips and Tricks
Focus on specific techniques you’re finding challenging.
Music and Dance History
How to set up a practice habit between classes
How to Plan classes
That burning question you haven’t been able to get answered.

Don’t want to share your time with other dancers?  Self-conscious about group learning?  Don’t want to take up too much time with your Hermione Granger-like tendency to ask questions?  Private Lessons are available and the cost $65 for up to 1-3 people for a 1-hour lesson with Luke or $130 for a 1-hour lesson with Jeannie Lin (Yes! They’re both around and will be available for privates).