About Awesometarian and Morning After Workshops

About Awesometarian and Morning After Workshops

How can I find out about upcoming Awesometarian and Morning After Workshop-related events?

Good question.  The best way to do so is to check this website.  You’re already there!


What is the Morning After Workshop?

The Morning After Workshop is Denver’s first national Dance Workshop Series for the emerging Fusion scene.  It was started in 2011 by Lucas Weismann and Karen Gilmore as a way to get instructors out who taught dance the way they wanted to see dance taught, regardless of the instructor’s specific dance background.


Why Morning After?

Simple: A lot of Denver Dancers go dancing friday nights. It seemed natural to start a workshop the morning after we go out and once we stopped referring to it as our workshop as “the-workshop-on-the-morning-after-the-friday-dance” and started referring to it as our Morning-After Workshops, the name just stuck.


Why is it in Denver?

Because that’s where the original organizers, Karen Gilmore and Lucas Weismann, live… Because of this, we figured it’d be easier to host them in our own hometown…


Do I Need to Have Dance Experience?

Nope, just a good attitude.


Do I Need to Have a Partner?

Nope, just a good attitude. We are really friendly and looking for people who are excited about dance. It there are two of you, great! If you’re the only one you know, that’s good too.


Sounds Fun, Can I Host One in My Town?

Hold up there buckeroos, before we go hosting them in other towns we feel that you might want to attend one of our workshops first! However we’re open to working with aspiring organizers, especially those with awesome attitudes. Best to approach us in person.