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Class Schedule

Class Schedule
August 10, 2016 No Comments Dance,Fusion,morning after workshop Luke Weismann

Class Schedule

  • Day One
    Blues Fundamentals This is probably the best place for us to start. Frame, Rhythm, Turns, Walking. All things that will be familiar to you by the end of the class.
    The Way of the Kite & the Willow Tree (connection class) Before we can make moves feel really, really good, we need to master connection!  That’s exactly what this class is about.  We’ll take the time to explore what kind of connection exists in our partnership and what we’re telling each other with different types of connection.
    Use the Force For some reason we get the idea that we need some amount of force between ourselves in order to initiate a movement with a partner. In fact, we don’t even need to touch them to dance with them.
    Robots and Mole Men and Slime… Oh my! This is a creativity class, where we take combined elements of style, like tone and shape of movement to create different packages of “styling”.  This is combined musicality and musical expression!
    Day Two
    Solo Your Mojo Mediocre artists borrow, great artists steal. In this class, we’ll work together as a group to take basic movements, both solo and partnered and add changes and layers to build them up into something awesome.
    Active Following Dancing is fun, whether you’re leading or following.  In this class we’re going use the tools we made for teaching leaders to listen in Kite and willow tree and we’ll level them up by giving followers different tools to have a more active voice in our dances.
    The Philosopher’s Stone Like alchemists, we’re going to take the elements together and find ways to build our own dance that is more than the sum of it’s parts.
    Lebowski’s Rug The kind of rug that pulls the whole room together. Take everything you learn and bring them together in new and creative ways.
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