Vancouver – Private Instruction and Small Group Privates

Vancouver – Private Instruction and Small Group Privates
August 9, 2016 No Comments Dance,morning after workshop Luke Weismann
Whether you work weekends, have a tight budget or want a learning experience customized for you, private lessons can be a great option.  We have several options available starting at $20 per person for groups of 4 or more.

Suggested topics could include:

424463_10150674606543694_1111764664_nConnection in Open, Closed or Embrace
Luke’s Dance Lego system for how to identify and make up your own moves
How to give more space to your partner
Lifts, Dips and Tricks
Focus on specific techniques you’re finding challenging.
Music and Dance History
How to set up a practice habit between classes
How to Plan classes
That burning question you haven’t been able to get answered.

Don’t want to share your time with other dancers?  Self-conscious about group learning?  Don’t want to take up too much time with your Hermione Granger-like tendency to ask questions?  Private Lessons are available and the cost $65 for up to 1-3 people for a 1-hour lesson with Luke or $130 for a 1-hour lesson with Jeannie Lin (Yes! They’re both around and will be available for privates).

By the way, if you’ve read this far you deserve a cookie (and not one of those website cookies that lets advertisers track your purchase history online…).  No, you deserve a $10 off the full-pass kind of cookie!  So… Use promo code: eagleeyes and save $10 off the full-price weekend pass (yes, early bird is still cheaper, but that’s because it’s early bird)


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