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17-18 Sept – Vancouver: Foundation Fundamentals

17-18 Sept – Vancouver: Foundation Fundamentals
July 31, 2016 No Comments Dance,morning after workshop Luke Weismann

Join international dance instructor Lucas Weismann in exploring and growing your partner dance foundations. This workshop will allow you to delve into connection and musicality through the Blues dance style. Additionally focusing on fusion of different partner dance forms. Unlock your creativity on and off the dance floor.

This workshop contains engaging material for both beginning and experienced dancers.



Coming up in the month of September Lucas will be returning to Vancouver, Canada to teach the foundational steps it takes to bring your dance to another level. In this workshop, we will combine Blues, Lindy, Tango and Contemporary dance to bring them together into what it takes to create cohesive Fusion.


Weekend workshop – September 17 & 18

                                       @ Baza Studio,  downtown Vancouver

Solo, Partnered, and small group privates – September 10 – 15

                                       Location to be determined 

Content Material

  • Musicality
  • Close Embrace
  • Connection
  • Floorcraft
  • Active Following & Considerate Leading
  • Customizing moves
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