What is the most awesome song to play at Alt-blues/Fusion event?

What is the most awesome song to play at Alt-blues/Fusion event?
November 29, 2012 8 Comments morning after workshop Luke Weismann

To be sure, this is not a “does it work” question.  We want to know: What is your absolute, best, favorite, happiest and song that makes you do into a frenzy to grab that lead or follow, flead or llollow and get to the floor before you waste precious, precious song-time?

It could be a trad-blues song by the way.  Could be tango, dub-step or classical renditions of Metallica tunes.  Whatever makes you go “Hells to the YES!!!” that’s what we want to know.

Leave your suggestion below and even tell us why if you have the time.

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHUim0O1C5A there’s a whole bunch of stuff happening at the one time, so difficult for a couples dance, but incredible as a solo thing

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    Sideways by Citizen Cope (the version without Santana, weird I know).

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    Luke Weismann

    This is one of my favorite songs Bar-None:


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    Luke Weismann

    This one is one of my personal favorites lately:


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    Luke Weismann

    From Fatima Hirji continued…



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