Why To Come to Morning After Workshop – Promoter Assistance Edition

Why To Come to Morning After Workshop – Promoter Assistance Edition
October 10, 2012 No Comments morning after workshop Luke Weismann

So, you’re nice enough (or it’s your job) to help promote dance events across the Country.

You may have noticed that up till now there wasn’t a clear, concise, easily-digestable way to get all of the information to help you to help us.

So let us help you. Okay?


Here is the information on the event:

DENVER COLORADO – 11/30-12/2
Luke Weismann and Karen Gilmore are putting on the final Morning After Workshop of 2012, featuring Shawn Hershey and Amanda Gruhl. These badass bostonians will be using their terpsichorean trickery and pedal pyrotechnics to astound and amaze the audience with their audacious attitudes and powerful pedagogy.

Put simply? These guys are awesome and you’re going to learn a lot.

  • Who: Shawn Hershey and Amanda Gruhl
  • What: A Weekend of Dance instruction from two world-class dance instructors without conflicting dance philosophy from other instructors.  A unique chance to delve deeply into their approach to dance for a weekend.
  • Where: Overstreet Dance Gallery – 5366 South Bannock Street Littleton, CO 80120
  • When: Classes Start Noon Saturday and Sunday –
  • OPTIONAL EARLY START – 10:30 Saturday Brunch at Toast in Littleton, CO.
  • Why: In case it wasn’t made clear before- This is a great pair of instructors from out of town, who will be spending the weekend with us to make us better dancers.  Also, this is a smaller boutique-style event whose smaller class sizes and consistent access to the same instructors could help you to get more personal instruction that would be possible at some of the larger events.
  • HOW: This is the important one- get your space NOW by registering using the handily provided ticket form below!



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