Suffering from PWS? Morning After Workshop can help.

Suffering from PWS? Morning After Workshop can help.
August 25, 2012 No Comments morning after workshop Luke Weismann

Person 1: Hey it’s sunday night.
Person 2: what should we do? I don’t know, how about we go to Aiden’s house party in Fort Collins?
Person 1: Yeah! Aiden’s house parties are awesome.
Person 2: You know who else throws awesome house parties?
Person 1: Who?
Person 2: Luke and Karen, that’s who!
Person 1: Yeah, I totally registered for Morning After Workshop’s 2-weekend pass so I’m going to have an awesome weekend of workshops, dances and house parties.
Person 2: aww man, I forgot to register…
Person 1: Don’t worry, you can get your pass at
Person 2: Gee, thanks Person 1!

Sound like a conversation you’ve had recently? If so, you may be suffering from poor writing. poor writing affects 66% of adults in the US and over 83% of teenagers worldwide. Poor writing is a joke, but there is hope. Studies show that getting a pass to the Morning after workshop can help you to become a better dancer. Dancers are known to rely less on verbal communications in their daily life, thereby mitigating the effects of bad writing.


Side effects include: increased muscle tone, weight loss, feelings of dancing on air, fatigue, exhaustion, dehydration and drowsiness at the end of the weekend.  Some participants in the morning after workshop reported improvements to their partner’s reactions after future encounters on and off the dance floor.  Uncontrollable grins are a distinct possibility.  Do not take morning after workshop if you are creepy, awful or not-generally-a-good-person.  Morning after workshop is a subsidiary of Awesometarian, LLC and the views expressed are likely shared by at least one of the two founders- we’ll know more when we figure out what all of this means.  Look, if you’re still reading all of this, you probably want to attend the workshop and should just get your pass today.  Hey! Look, we’ve conveniently added a ticket-buying registration widget below, so you can do just that!


Get your ticket now!


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